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Hot Spring

A Super Natural Feminine Beauty Course

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Merchant Mermaid Workbook

Get the workbook to follow up on your embodiment of the Merchant Mermaid method. This workbook is filled with water codes, commerce codes, currentsea codes, etc., along with exercises and reflections that will invite you to bring awareness to aspects that have caused you to self-sabotage in your business.

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"Inheritanceā€¯ December 14th - 17th

Experience our most recentĀ live seminar. Do you know yourself as an inheritor?Ā To know yourself as a child of Creator and, therefore, Godā€™s heir/heiress, will bring a different posture to the way you do business and the way you handle Mother Earthā€™s resources. Itā€™s time to realign with Natural Law.

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Re-Solutions Dec 18th Course

Wrap up the year in an aligned way by getting clear on your values and moral compass. Reflect on your year and make changes according to your value system and tap into your Vision and North Star. This course took place live on December 18th and you can now watch at your own pace through the recording!

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