I’m Emilia, a hairstylist and salon owner. I’m here to help you build a successful beauty business.

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The Merchant Mermaid method is here to serve those who are also being of service. We assist entrepreneurs on their journey through commercial seas while restoring Natural Law.

Are you ready to learn about how the system really works? Are you building a business feeling there must be a better way to do so? If you’re ready to hear a more feminine perspective on commerce, the Merchant Mermaid method is for you.

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"Inheritance” (Merchant Mermaid Method)


Experience our most recent live seminar that shares the Merchant Mermaid Method entirely titled “Inheritance” (December 14th - 17th). It’s time to know ourselves as inheritors of this Earth. Mother Nature is a gift from our Creator and we are remembering that we can trust in our ability to walk as heirs and heiresses of God.

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This workbook will walk you through exercises and reflections that will transform the way you view business. We are bringing back sacred honor into our financial interactions and clearing all sales trauma that has resulted from manipulation in sales and marketing. This workbook will provide the guidance to do this step by step.


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Online courses


Our online seminars will walk you slowly through our Merchant Mermaid method: a path that’s designed to help entrepreneurs remember there’s a way to do business in faith and alignment with our sacred nature. You can be both the merchant and the mermaid at the same time! The mermaid is unafraid of swimming deep in the unexplored waters of her own subconscious, because she knows she can breathe there too; she moves in the depth of her Spirit. The merchant is unafraid of exchanging goods and services with others, because he understands money is a tool to get things done.

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What’s our story?


The Merchant Mermaid method was birthed back in 2020 as Jilly looked back on her path as a hydrated entrepreneur. She knew business and wealth didn’t have to be separate from our authentic, spiritual self and uncovered a sacred way of remembrance that takes us back to action from Natural Law and Divine Will.


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"Merchant Mermaid to me is the act of saving the sacred way we do business."


Dionne Aliel

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