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Founder of the Merchant Mermaid Method and WAKE Water Co

Water is Life is Love

Water is the foundation of all life and teaches us how to live, build and create social structures, culture and community.

What is Water Consciousness?

Connecting the Drops. 

Water Consciousness is a way of perceiving Water and ourselves on a Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Economical and Social level.

Merchant Mermaid Method

The Mermaid is the Original Merchant and Water is a form of Currentsea. The Merchant Mermaid Method provides a hydrated view of business, Entrepreneurship, Community Building, Commerce and Sovereignty.

Online Courses

From our Merchant Mermaid Intensive for business owners and entrepreneurs to our Merchant Mermaid Expansive going deeper into sovereignty and law, you will also find our water alchemy and trust course.

More courses coming soon!

Connect with the streams of water