Spiritual Stream

State: Plasma

What are the Spiritual Waters?

For me, water isn’t just an element. And it’s more than a life-sustainer. 

Water is a way of living.

It embodies every aspect of my life in a deep and meaningful way.

Why are the Spiritual Waters important?

Living in accordance with water allows you to return to your sacred origin. Because, the truth is that you are a fluid, limitless being, manifested here on this planet in physical form. Communing with the Current is what allows you to connect deeper with the eternal Source.

How do you embody or purify the Spiritual Waters?

As you wake up to Water, She will show Herself to you in various ways. 

But it’s important to remember that everyone is different. There’s not one way to walk the water path. Your path is divinely designed for you, just as mine was divinely designed for me. 

So, don’t be afraid to try things you don’t see other people doing. Or to feel like something is wrong with you if something other people are doing doesn’t feel in flow for you. 

Also remember that we’re all drops of the Ocean and when you commune with Water, you are consciously communing with ALL Water – including other people’s Waters. 

This is why Water Consciousness is known as One Consciousness… because we recognize the mirror reflection of the same Source in our kindred spirits. 

In Spanish, Source means “fuente” — or fountain. Drinking from the eternal fountain returns us to our sacred origins and births a new era. But it’s also important to actively go within and drink from your own fountain so you can remember who you already are.

Because the Cosmic Paradox is that water is outside of us, but also within us.