Social Stream

State: Plasma

What are the Social Waters?

We are all interconnected through a web. We all have our original soul families.

Our relationships are karmically bonded to each other when we have trauma. Trauma in relationships are relationships built on consumption and taking instead of giving. 

Bonds that are built on trust enable us to break unhealthy karmic bonds and allow us to activate ourselves with magnetizing our real soul family. 

So, relationships built on trust strengthen the hydrogen bonds of our community.

Why are the Social Waters important?

Relationships that allow the current to flow also allow free energy to manifest. When somebody trusts you, you create a safe space. When the safe space is created, that allows them to expand. Because a lot of the time we don’t expand until we feel safe. 

The bonds of our community that are built on trust allow us to create a membrane (or the honey) of our community. It’s thick and protective because we trust each other.

How do you embody or purify the Social Waters?

I believe that your network is your net worth. The more people you have these strong hydrogen bonds with, the more supported by the divine you will feel. 

People come to us just for our communities.They crave that love and that sense of collaboration.

Ready to be part of a community that Highdrates your life?