Sexual Stream

State: Plasma

What are the Sexual Waters?

I view the Sexual Waters as your Sexual InnerG — your Inner Generator. And it’s exactly that. It’s a Current that moves water through your physical avatar. This is also known as your life force, chi, Qi, mana, or prana.

Why are the Sexual Waters Important?

Your Sexual InnerG is how to create or manifest the things you want in life. It’s how you make love to life. 

You can view your Sexual InnerG as a Current that flows through your body, much like the Shakti energy. 

The element of water is closely related to your second chakra — the sacral chakra — which is also known as the sex chakra. It is our body’s center for not only sexual energy and pleasure, but for intimacy as a whole, connection, and creativity. 

When your Sexual Waters are flowing freely, YOU’RE able to flow freely, which is vital when it comes to sex, relationships, and creativity. 

Water is associated with sexual energy on a physical level.

What you’ll notice about the physical, sexual energies is that when men are aroused, their blood (aka their Water) flows to their genital areas. This is why women get wet and prepared for this divine union.

How do you embody or purify the Sexual Waters?

The main thing I focus on when it comes to the Sexual Waters is liberation. 

This involves clearing out the shame we have been holding on to — sometimes for our entire lives. 

When you clear out this shame and liberate your oppressed and suppressed Sexual Waters, it allows you to tap into your wells of magnetism, charisma, and creativity. 

The key is to purify, cleanse, and return your sexual InnerG to innocence. Through various science-based practices, you can learn how total into your own remembering and truly commune with the Current that you already are.

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