Merchant Mermaid Inheritance Course

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June 15th 6-9pm PST
June 16th 6-9pm PST
June 18th 10a-6pm PST

As Merchant Mermaids (Mer Beings both sexes) we are here to birth the NU Earth Business BLUEprints. These Sacred Economies shift us out of the old paradigm of Scarcity/Lack Consciousness and to truly anchor in Well-th Consciousness.

In Person Seminar

2 Day In person Expansive

Saturday & Sunday

11am-4pm pst (1hr Lunch Break @ 1pm pst)

Ashville, Nc $222

Online Seminar

2 three hour days and 2 full days!

NOW -> $333

WHAT’S included?

High-drate your Consciousness.
〰️ Higher High-drated Lense
〰️ Dissolving Lack Identity
〰️ Currency Codes

What is Within is Without.
〰️ Clearing Dams/Bonds
〰️ Trauma/Karma Cleansing
〰️ Redirecting the Currents/NeuralPathways
〰️ Womb Consciousness
〰️ Right Brain Activation
〰️ Creative Juices

〰️ Gene Keys
〰️ Your DNA Brand

How you consume is how you give/receive.
〰️ Lack/Scarcity and the Victim Template
〰️ Innerstanding Welfare/Government Systems
〰️ Expense -> Investment
〰️ Victim Consciousness
〰️ Spend -> Stream

Seaing the Value is key in accessing a Well-th Consciousness.
〰️ Quality/Quanity
〰️ Mass Production
〰️ Innerstanding the Financial System
〰️ Debt Based System
〰️ Financial Reset
〰️ Gold-backed Dollar Value
〰️ Redistribution of Money

Mastering your Lifeforce.
〰️ Sexual Energy
〰️ Purification

〰️ Root Chakra
〰️ Sovereignty Process
〰️ Incorporating
〰️ Systems/Processes
〰️ Flow State/Plasma State

〰️ Safe Sails
〰️ Hydrogen Bonds
〰️ Sacred Economy
〰️ Magnetic Marketing

〰️ Sacred Secretion
〰️ Current-sea Yoga
〰️ Breathework

Online Seminar

$111 before May 1st

$222 before June 1st

$333 Thereafter