Financial Stream

State: Solid

What are the Financial Waters?

The Financial System is the Solid form of Water because Money is a solidified form of our Lifeforce InnerG/ Prana, Mana, Chi, Qi. Money moves fluidly just like our Lifeforce does. We exchange Money just like we exchange energy. 

One of the main things people come to me wanting to learn is abundance. They may be struggling heavily with money… or just want to learn how to create more income. 

I feel that each of us has a genetic code for abundance, but we have it covered up and hidden away under a bunch of lack. I can help you uncover it and tap into it.

Why are the Financial Waters important?

Once you are in a state of abundance, it will be so much easier for you to channel your Financial Waters and: 

  • Generate multiple streams of income, including residual and passive

  • Circulate money in your community

  • Receive the money you circulate back to you threefold

How do you embody or purify the Financial Waters?

I teach people about Cryptocurrensea, Quantum Income, and how to generate SOVEREIGN streams of income. I help them move away from centralized banking (which serves as a dam in your cash flow) and become liberated from the financial system.  

When you get to this point and really master right brain thinking, you’re no longer dependent on the market to create your abundance. 

You realize that it doesn’t matter if people don’t have money because you’ve learned to tap into the possibilities that exist… instead of being a victim to your present situation.

Want to learn more about magnetizing financial abundance?