Physical Stream

State: Liquid

What are the Emotional Waters?

The Emotional Waters are all about Water Alchemy, which is the emotional process of moving through your emotions to release any densities or heaviness. When you let go of these dense attachments, you are more free to align with the higher, Hydrated path that is your highest form of Being.

Why are the Emotional Waters important?

The waters in your body hold memory and a lot of this memory contributes to stagnancy. 

When your waters are stagnant, there are unhealthy attachments to relationships, food, television, addiction to certain emotions. Our physiology gets addicted to laziness and all these things. So, nothing is ever exact or concrete – it’s always fluid. It’s about moving with the current that allows you start moving the stagnant water. 

When you start “moving your waters”. You’re moving and letting go of what is keeping you linear. 

When you really embody water, it’s like you’re the Current and you just move through things because you’re fluid. This makes it easy to Sea the Current times through the Water Lens (aka the Lens of Divinity) where the glass is always half full… and you’re open to the Sea of Possibility.

How do you embody or purify the Emotional Waters?

The #1 thing is to get into your body, which I teach in my course through techniques (e.g. Kundalini, breathwork, EFT) that allow you to feel what you haven’t been feeling. The deeper you go into feeling your body, the deeper you’re going into those Waters to move them. 

When you surrender into your body and create a safe space for you to feel, that’s how you move through the Water Alchemy. 

I do this by using two forms of Alchemy: the Alchemy of Love and the Alchemy of Innocence.

The Alchemy of Love

A lot of the time, when we’re undergoing a transformation, we operate through the spiritual ego where we get in our heads and constantly as “Why?”. 

The Alchemy of Innocence

The Alchemy of Innocence is being able to recognize your purity in every moment. It’s about recognizing that it’s okay if you’re going through something bad… it doesn’t mean YOU are bad. When you can find your own purity, return to the beginner’s mind, and harness your childlike playfulness, you’re able to be more lighthearted… and more in flow with your Emotional Waters. 

In my course, I guide you through the whole process of dropping your body through these techniques and creating a safe space to feel what you need to feel. Once you’re in that space and connected with your feelings, all you’re being asked to do is accept what’s coming up so you can release them through different techniques of moving your waters. Shifting your attitude shifts your altitude.